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We are a friendly group of instructors of love to share their passion for Nordic Walking and helping people to achieve their goals. Nothing make us happier than to see someone learn about Nordic Walking, fall in love with it and then use it hit their personal weight loss or fitness goals. Devon Nordic Walking provides walks and classes for everyone across Devon. There are currently 12 instructors and 20 walk leaders that can introduce you to the World of Nordic Walking and provide regular classes close to where you live or work.

You don’t have to be a member and you will always be welcome. Nordic Walking is great fun and our instructors will not only ensure that you reach your health goals but that you have a great time doing it! You will learn all you need to know in a relaxed friendly atmosphere with the Learn To Nordic Walk course. Devon Nordic Walking looks after its walkers, there will never be a shortage of interesting walks and people to meet!

You can read about each class and instructor on our website. We cater for all ages and level of fitness.

Selaine Saxby

Selaine is new to Devon and Nordic Walking, but has developed a passion for both.  Very outdoorsy, a keen cyclist, runner (well more of a slow jogger these days!) and Mum to her naughty Labrador George, Selaine is more often out than in!

Selaine is qualified in numerous fitness disciplines and over the years has taught all sorts of weird and wonderful classes, but Nordic Walking is now her primary focus as it is so good for her numerous injuries!

Selaine has had a varied career alongside her fitness projects including working for MPs, and is now training to be a maths teacher, so is also happy to talk and walk any time!

Petroc College

Petroc College offers a range or vocational courses to students in North Devon and also offer community based fitness and Wellbeing programmes which are managed by skilled Tutors and provide hands on experience for students. Join us for inspirational classes lead by our experts in outdoor, Wellbeing and fitness education and enjoy getting maximum results as you have fun in the great outdoors!

Jane Cumming

Nordic walking makes me feel great!

My work is indoors with hours of standing over a treatment couch or sitting to do admin but

I’ve always loved being active outdoors in the fresh air surrounded by nature and best of all sharing the experience with other people. I love to find an excuse to get moving and to laugh!  For me Nordic walking is deeply therapeutic, it’s great fun as well as a full body workout!

If I don’t exercise properly my work gives me upper back and neck muscle stiffness and headaches.  Nordic Walking releases the muscle tensions, relieves my spinal stiffness and stops my headaches, it really helps me to keep physically and mentally well, enabling me to enjoy a busy life.

For 30 years I’ve enjoyed recreational and competitive Mountain biking and I used to run for general fitness. Recently I have had to replace running with Nordic walking because the high impact of running made my calf muscles stiff and Achilles tendons sore.  The Nordic walking gives me a pain free, low impact alternative to running that leaves me feeling energized and zingy!

As a sports and spinal rehab musculoskeletal physiotherapist I re-educate  movement patterns to relieve pain and improve function and  performance in sports, Nordic walking helps  to reconnect the deepest muscles, those needed for balanced movements so it’s fantastic for rehabilitation and perfectly complements my treatment approach.


Bruce Perkins

Being a keen fitness fanatic, my weekly runs give me the opportunity to be constantly exploring.

By becoming a Nordic walking instructor I can support individuals of all fitness levels discover the local area and the amazing scenery it has to offer in a relaxed and motivational way. You can tread both old and new paths while keeping fit and healthy.

My life has taken me all over the world with some amazing experiences, and that’s what Nordic walking offers people who perhaps haven’t had that opportunity, as well as an appreciation for where they are and what our planet really has to offer.

Plus an hour’s walk is a great way of justifying a cheeky ice cream or maybe a cream tea at the end.

Tug Wilson

Nordic Walking is used as the ‘Hub’ for Lesu ’s fitness programmes as it encompasses all of the elements required for progression during physical activity with the added bonus of its appeal to all ages and fitness abilities Tug runs his business with his wife Bibi, also an advanced fitness instructor, NWUK Instructor and Medical professional with the NHS

Taking clients to walk the Inca Trail, the Black Mountains of Wales, Dartmoor, the SW Coastal Path, The French and Italian Alps, Chamonix and the first Nordic Walking group to visit Barbados, Nordic Walking has brought people together, fun and sociable it is truly life changing, Lesu doesn’t have a nordic Walking motto, but if it did it would read “Where strangers become friends”

Juliet Wilde

Juliet has been Nordic walking in Plymouth for a couple of years now as has husband Jim. A teacher in her day job Juliet recently trained to be a leader and is now uprading to Instructor. Juliet and Jim recently completed the Purbeck 16, a fantastic achievement for them. Juliet is pictured on the right here.

Nathan Gosling

It has been immensely fun meeting new people and making friends.

Nordic walking has given me the opportunity to alter my career path improving my fitness and well-being, combining my passions for Fitness, learning and having fun!

Julie Walters

My background in within the fitness section, I currently work for the NHS delivering strength and balance exercises for people who have had falls, Risk of falls or osteoporosis for the past 10 years, or just to exercise safely without putting to much pressure on their joints. I qualified as a Nordic Walking Instructor 3 years ago and have enjoyed taking out groups of all ages in various locations i.e. Berry Hear Brixham, Youngs Park Paignton and Picturesque Cockington in Torquay.

Fiona Swan

Profile info to follow…

Carol Strong

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