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We are a friendly group of instructors of love to share their passion for Nordic Walking and helping people to achieve their goals. Nothing make us happier than to see someone learn about Nordic Walking, fall in love with it and then use it hit their personal weight loss or fitness goals. Devon Nordic Walking provides walks and classes for everyone across Devon. There are currently 12 instructors and 20 walk leaders that can introduce you to the World of Nordic Walking and provide regular classes close to where you live or work.

You don’t have to be a member and you will always be welcome. Nordic Walking is great fun and our instructors will not only ensure that you reach your health goals but that you have a great time doing it! You will learn all you need to know in a relaxed friendly atmosphere with the Learn To Nordic Walk course. Dorset Nordic Walking looks after its walkers, there will never be a shortage of interesting walks and people to meet!

You can read about each class and instructor on our website. We cater for all ages and level of fitness.

Samantha Patchell

I concentrate on Yoga and it’s principles, but call upon my experience in other sporting areas to enhance the class, or one to one, learning experience.
Yoga improves posture, balance, strength & flexibility whilst promoting relaxation and calmness.
Utilising different techniques, I can help with different ailments such as insomnia, depression, joint problems such as knee, hips, shoulder, and back & neck problems.
Focussing on the breath and relaxation, can help with many health problems such as tension, sleep problems & headaches and also promotes general wellbeing.
One to one teaching can address your personal needs. They can be used to gently start you off, easing you into Yoga, or a general healthy lifestyle, to become part of a regular plan.
I think all of my different classes that I teach help and complement each other and it is great to help people with a specific injury.

I love teaching yoga and Nordic outside as you get the benefit of fresh air with helps with the mind.

Petroc College

Petroc College offers a range or vocational courses to students in North Devon and also offer community based fitness and Wellbeing programmes which are managed by skilled Tutors and provide hands on experience for students. Join us for inspirational classes lead by our experts in outdoor, Wellbeing and fitness education and enjoy getting maximum results as you have fun in the great outdoors!

Carol Strong

Profile info to follow…

Pauline Beare

I have been a runner for most of my life and spent the last 15 years helping women to get started.

Founder of the Women’s Running Network in 1997 my passion for helping other women get active has seen an explosion in women runners in the South-West predominately.

Having now had 2 knee replacements, partly genetic, partly wear and tear I have taken up Nordic Walking and now become an Instructor.

Julie Walters

My background in within the fitness section, I currently work for the NHS delivering strength and balance exercises for people who have had falls, Risk of falls or osteoporosis for the past 10 years, or just to exercise safely without putting to much pressure on their joints. I qualified as a Nordic Walking Instructor 3 years ago and have enjoyed taking out groups of all ages in various locations i.e. Berry Hear Brixham, Youngs Park Paignton and Picturesque Cockington in Torquay.

Fiona Swan

Profile info to follow…

Michael Portis

As my partner describes me, a fanatical hiker, camper and Nordic walker I want to share with as many people as possible my love and enthusiasm both for the outdoors,no matter where and the wonderful past time of Nordic walking.

I truly believe it is one of the most adaptable forms of exercise available, suitable for some one just starting out or recovering from injuries to top athletes wishing to cross train hard,from a social walk to training for health or sporting events.

Yvonne and Steve Watson

We are a husband and wife team based in North Devon. We have always enjoyed walking so it was a natural progression that we tried a free taster session for Nordic Walking. We enjoyed it so much we did the “Learn To” course and then went on to become instructors.

We like the sport so much we wish to pass on our enthusiasm to others. When not teaching or leading walks through scenic countryside you may often see us exploring new venues for walks.


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